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Wallpaper measuring app. Designed by wallpaper hanger Barry Bernau for a  user-friendly experience in mind, focal wall helps you calculate wallpaper requirements effortlessly.

What is the focal wall App?

focal wall is a ‘wallpaper calculator’ app giving you an approximate amount of wallpaper you need for any wall(s) in a room. Whether you’re a professional wallpaper hanger, installer, decorator or an interior designer, our app simplifies the process, saving you time with your wallpaper, measuring estimates.

Key Features

  • Calculations: Enter the length and height of your wall  and select from the different roll types (20.5″, 27″, 36″, and 54″).  Click the ‘+’ and the results will post below.
  • Roll Type Selector: Choose from a variety of roll widths to match your specific wallpaper.
  • Detailed Results: Get comprehensive results formatted specifically for each roll type, ensuring you know exactly what to buy.
  • Email Functionality: Send detailed calculation results directly to your email, perfect for keeping records or sharing with clients.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy-to-use input fields and intuitive design make it simple to get started.
  • Custom Toolbar: Enhance your input experience with a specialized numeric keyboard.
  • Feedback Integration: Enjoy tactile feedback when changing roll types for a more interactive experience.

How It Works

  1. Enter Room Dimensions: Input the height and length of your walls in feet and inches.
  2. Select Roll Type: Choose from standard roll widths.
  3. Calculate: Hit the calculate button and receive your results instantly.
  4. Email Your Results: Send the detailed breakdown to your email for easy reference.

Ideal for Wallpaper Hangers, Installers, and Interior Designers

Whether you’re a professional wallpaper hanger, installer, or an interior designer, Focal Wall is designed to make your job easier. Our app provides accurate calculations, reducing material waste and ensuring a perfect fit every time.

Coming Soon: Advanced Features

We are excited to announce upcoming features, including LiDAR technology integration and camera support to automatically capture wall dimensions, making the process even more seamless and accurate.

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We are committed to ensuring that the App remains secure and that no data is collected from our users. Consequently, there are no risks of data breaches or security issues related to personal data since none is collected.

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