Serena & Lily Priano Wallpaper in Michigan

In Michigan’s clasp of winter’s white array, There lies a room where silent stories sway. Its walls, in magical wallpaper dressed, Dance with designs, in whispered tales expressed.

Crafted not by mere chance or fleeting whim, But by a craftsman, seasoned, graying, trim. With twinkling eye and hands both sure and kind, He smoothed each piece, a wonderland defined.

Serena & Lily’s artful touch does grace, Warming the room, January’s chill to face. Here, a child dwells in dreams both bright and bold, Where walls speak stories, countless, untold.

These walls, like pages from a storybook, Backdrop to dreams, in every nook and cranny look. In play, in silence, in every quiet moment’s part, The child finds joy, a canvas for the heart.

Growing, changing, yet the room remains, A vessel full of memories’ sweet refrains. A space where imagination takes its flight, Wrapped in warmth, banishing the coldest night.





More than a room, a cozy corner dear, Where books and dreams dispel each doubt and fear. In every corner, every wall, in every touch, Lies the craftsman’s magic, meaning so much.

Barry Bernau Wallpaper Craftsman